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a 250,000 year celestial cycle ends & a new age of feminine power begins

You are our next leaders, visionaries, &  changemakers. Come, awaken your divine energy & restore balance to the world 

Paths To Enlightenment

The Evolution Revolution

This  site is dedicated to the revolution, evolution and empowerment of the individual and the global community.

Awakening Sophia has the most effective programs available today for raising consciousness across the globe.   

Sophia's programs are a unique and powerful blend of cutting-edge science and ancient mysticism. Utilizing the recommended quantitative equipment and techniques, the results are real and measurable.

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Shamanic Wisdom Joins Cutting-Edge Science

जादूगर  Shaman  जादूगर

  • Ancient Shamanic Remedies
  • Smart or "Limitless" Pill
  • Nootropics, top cognitive enhancers
  • Ayahuasca & the spirit journey
  • Decalcify the pineal & "see" truth

Sophia's Sensorium - Getting Beyond The Mind's Noise

समाधि  Samadhi  समाधि

Sophia's Sensorium focuses on engaging the senses during meditation.  Multi-sensory meditation techniques offer help for those who have challenges quieting the mind. We've assembled several meditation tools and techniques that we know you'll appreciate. 

"Nature's Rhythms," is one example of a sensory meditation aide which helps by synchronizing the inhale and exhale of breathing with the calming whispers of ocean waves playing in the background.


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नयाँ जागरूकता

"The New Awareness"

नयाँ जागरूकता  The New Awareness  नयाँ जागरूकता

The great Sophia Gaia, once lulled into a deep slumber by eons of suppression, has begun to stir. Morning has come. 

It is time for the sacred feminine energy designed by God himself to awaken and spread its light again. We will show you a clear path to activate the long-dormant Spark within, so you can fulfill you purpose and contribute to the greatest leap in global consciousness that the world has ever known.

I'm Terra, Your Guide

पृथ्वी  Terra  पृथ्वी

It is my purpose and honor to provide all the guidance and resources I have collected over a lifetime in order to assist you--our up-and-coming generation--in restoring your divine heritage. 

Transcendence is there for you if you are ready. My role is to assist you in any way possible to fully awaken the Sacred Feminine energy within.


Vibration & DNA Activation

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Vault of the Great Arcanum

The secrets of the mystery schools have remained shielded from us for thousands of years. For millenia, its been forbidden to reveal its secrets in order to preserve them, holding thier precious knowledge for another time when they would better understood. Well that time is now, its time reveal to you the amazing truths of your Divine origin. Hermetic knowledge is a universal message that can be applied to all mystic beliefs and common world religions alike. Step inside The Vault and learn more about:

  • Alchemy
  • Transmutation
  • Mystics texts like the Nag Hamadi
  • Powerful secret societies like: The Illuminati or the Rosicrucian's
  • Sumerians, and earlier civilizations

Conserve & Preserve

All life is precious. And all forms are necessary to maintain a balanced and sustainable ecosystem. These are vulnerable times. Share your passion, contribute your time and support a cause you can really get behind. For more info on some life-changing opportunities, click on the button below.

Sophia's Bazaar

Our bazaar has delightful eastern Bohemian fair. Filled with artisian-crafted talismans, mala's of hand-strung and hand-knotted semiprecious stones. We have Orogonite charged crystal jewelry providing superior EMF protection. And there's a huge selection of Feng Shui decor, moon globes, meditation gear, and numerous accessories blessed with sacred symbols and spiritual meaning from around the world.

Cleanse & Nourish

Check out our quick start guides for cleanses, detox, Chakra healing and more!  We developed these guides to help prepare your body to receive the marked vibratory shifts and energy spikes that are inevitable in your development.

Free Guides:

3-Day Quick Detox

10-Day Ceremonial Cleanse

5 Top Ayurveda Healing Herbs

6 Step Repair Blocked Chakras

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Sacred Geometry

Science is clamoring to be on board with the idea that the entire universe is based on numbers, measurements, geometry and more. Learn about the Golden Ratio, Pi, & other secrets of Sacred Mathematics kept hidden from us for eons.

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